Get more features with Enhanced Locations

You can use unlimited locations within RepairPlugin, but with Enhanced Locations, our development team provides specialized features specifically designed for organizations with multiple locations.

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1 • Google API

Find nearest location

When you have multiple location it can be difficult for a visitor to choose the one who’s the closest.

Calculate the distance between visitor and nearest location using the Google API in Miles or Kilometres.

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2 • Store Managers

Add Store Managers

Every store can have his own manager who can turn on or off the services he provides. Update his prices and opening hours.

He wil only see his own appointments, creating a perfect one shop expirience and a admin account who overviews them all.

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3 • Dynamic Pricing

Location based Pricing

The Dynamic Pricing Add-on is a powerfull feature Enhanced Location can benefit from. When turning on location based pricing the location picker will show up as the first step.

You can also use shortcodes based on a supplier giving you all the freedom on your organisations website.

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Other Features

We invented a better way to generate new leads for repair shops, and it’s changing the game. 

Copy Paste Locations
Store Picture
Location on Quote
Virtual Locations
Auto Assign Nearest Location
BCC Emails
Delivery Methods

“Alright, I’m in —
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RepairPlugin can be fully operational within 10 minutes on a WordPress website. If you don’t have a WordPress site, you can still run it on a WordPress set up behind your existing website. 

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Do I need a web developer to install Test RepairPlugin?

Regardless of your knowledge of building your WordPress site, you can have RepairPlugin up and running on your website in less than 10 minutes.

Can I also add my own models?

Yes, you can easily add new categories, models, or repairs quickly and effectively. We even have companies connected that repair other products than smartphones and computers.

Will RepairPlugin continue to add new models to the database?

Yes, our data analysts keep track of all new smartphones and tablets. We will add the names, launch dates, model codes, colors, images, and a list of possible repairs.

Will RepairPlugin work with my theme?

Yes! RepairPlugin has been heavily tested with the top 30 themes and is not dependent on CSS. If you have any problems or conflicts with your theme, please contact us and we will solve the problem.

Does RepairPlugin work with my Builder?

Yes, RepairPlugin works with shortcodes supported by all theme builders such as Elementor, WPBakery, Bricks and Gutenberg.

Does RepairPlugin work with my caching?

Yes, RepairPlugin works with any caching plugin. On this website, we use the WPRocket caching plugin.

Can I use RepairPlugin without my website being built in WordPress?

At this time, you need WordPress to use our plugin.

Can I continue to use RepairPlugin once my license expires?

If there is no active license, the plugin will stop working. If you purchase a lifetime license, your license will never expire, and you will continue to receive updates, bug fixes, and support.

Does RepairPlugin work in any language?

The plugin’s admin pages are in English, but the front end comes with translations in 13 languages. You can add any language you want with the language editor.

Is support provided for RepairPlugin?

Yes, we provide support for RepairPlugin via email and our support forum. Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of the plugin and resolving any issues you may encounter.

Who can use RepairPlugin?

We created RepairPlugin for any repair company that repairs smartphones, tablets, and computers and has a WordPress site.

Do you offer a demo or trial of RepairPlugin?

Yes, we offer a free demo of RepairPlugin that you can try out on your website. The demo includes all of the plugin’s features, but with limited import data.

Build for technicians.
By technicians.

As a technician, your focus should be on what you do best: repairing devices, not updating repair lists, adding new models after launches, or changing prices due to price fluctuations. With RepairPlugin, updates are a breeze!