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Main Shortcode    [Repair_All] 
Steps  Categories > Brands > Models > Repairs > Booking

Dynamic Pricing
Enhanced Locations

Use any of the 6 available shortcodes

Every website has a different page structure. With RepairPlugin you won’t lose any of your current SEO positions by placing the suitable shortcode on your already existing pages.


The primary shortcode that displays all steps. 

Shortcode   [Repair_All]

Steps    Categories > Brands > Models > Repairs > Booking

Main (Brand)

Displays all steps but from only one brand.

Shortcode   [Repair_All brand=Oppo]

Steps    Categories > Models > Repairs > Booking

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Pre-selects a specific category.

Shortcode   [categories code=category_x]

Steps    Brands > Models > Repairs > Booking

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Pre-selects a specific category and brand.

Shortcode   [models code=model_x]

Steps   Models > Repairs > Booking

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Pre-selects a specific category, brand and model.

Shortcode   [models code=model_x]

Steps    Repairs > Booking

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Search Bar

Go directly to the specific repairs on any page.

Shortcode   [Repair_Search_Box]

Steps    Search bar > Repairs > Booking

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