Dynamic PRicing ADD-ON

No more countless hours spent on updating prices.

Offer your potential customers the best prices every time by integrating RepairPlugin with your favorite supplier.

Boost your conversion with the most competitive price

Spend valuable time on repairs instead of updating prices

Offer accurate prices on less popular devices 

Always earn good margins on every repair

Custom Margins

Set your own margins per repair or category.

Synced Prices

Automated synchronization of all purchase prices every hour.

Synchronisation symbol

Clear visualization to show if your customer has the most recent price.

Pricing Strategy

Choose the cheapest part, an avarage or the most expensive one.

4 Connected Suppliers

Four suppliers connected with a total database of 10.619 parts.


Choose your favorite suppliers

Simply toggle on your favorite supplier, and RepairPlugin will automatically sync their prices.


Discover the benefits of Fixje Business -supplier of quality Apple and Samsung parts and refurbished devices. Completely renewed since 2023 with more competitive prices.

137 models connected

2.296 connected parts


Discover the wholesaler of Apple and Samsung parts and accessories for phones, tablets and laptops. Quality, diversity and fast delivery guaranteed!

141 models connected

788 connected parts


TouchFix has been your B2B partner for all the help you need with repairs since 2011. We strive for the best price/quality ratio!

761 models connected

9.013 connected parts

Euro Mobile Company

Wholesaler specialized In Mobile and Tablet Spare Parts.

685 models connected

7.187 connected parts


Official Samsung part disbtributor in the Benelux.

531 models connected

1.983 connected parts


The B2B-wholesaler for high-quality repairparts for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Since our founding in 2015, we have developed into the wholesaler in mobile parts.

769 models connected

6.469 connected parts


Stay tuned for the upcoming addition of more suppliers from all around the world.

How does it work?


If you have purchased Dynamic Pricing, enter your license code at:
Settings > Dynamic Pricing

Enable Suppliers

Enable your favorite supplier and download part qualities.

Choose Pricing Strategy

Setup cheapest, average, or most expensive on stock part and choose round-ups.

Enjoy your saved time  🎉

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need technical knowledge for this integration?

No, you don’t need any technical knowledge. After purchasing the license, you simply paste the code into RepairPlugin and can immediately connect your supplier.

Do i need a valid RepairPlugin Pro license?

Yes, Dynamic Pricing is an add-on to your existing subscription. RepairPlugin Pro will still be available to everyone, even if you choose not to use this add-on.

Kan ik dit niet beter zelf updaten?

Er zijn in totaal 10.710 reparaties gekoppeld. Als je voor elke reparatie 1 minuut besteedt aan het opzoeken, berekenen van de marge en invoeren in RepairPlugin, ben je 22 dagen bezig aan een eerste opzet die in de tussentijd al verouderd kan zijn.

Met een gemiddelde marge van € 40 had je in die tijd ook € 7.040 aan extra inkomen kunnen genereren.

Dynamic Pricing


€ 79


Always have the most competitive price for just €2,59 per day.

From €79

€ 49


Save 38%

Always have the most competitive price for just €1,61 per day.

Real-time Pricing

Custom Margins per category

Integrated Suppliers

Custom Integrations

10.619 parts connected

Synced every 30 minutes

Free 30 minute onboarding


What other clients say about us


I highly recommend RepairPlugin to any repair shop owner who wants to save time and provide a seamless booking experience for their customers. It’s the best plugin on the market, hands down


Thanks to Repairplugin I’m able to display all prices, without too much hassle. Before, we would get a lot of phone calls for price requests, which saves us a ton of time now. Thanks a lot!

Nando Jokic

With Repairplugin I’m able to manage the ever-changing repair prices within seconds. From all the plugins available, this is the best choice for anyone that needs to manage hundreds of models with their prices.


Repairplugin made my startup a lot easier. If you’re looking for a sound plugin made for the repair industry, for a fair price.. Dont look any further!