Dynamic Pricing: How This Feature Transforms Efficiency

In the repair business, updating sales prices is a daunting task. With market trends, part availability, and supplier pricing changing swiftly, many repair shops find it challenging to keep pace. Typically, price updates are done during quieter times, in response to customer feedback about competitors, or while updating the website.

This reactive method is not only time-consuming but can also impact sales negatively. There’s a risk of losing a competitive edge by relying on competitors’ pricing, which might not reflect the same quality, or failing to focus on our own costs and margins.

The Labor-Intensive Reality

For users of RepairPlugin Pro, pricing management is intensive. With over 2000 models, each having multiple repair options, the task is formidable. Often, by the time pricing for the 100th model is updated, the first one needs revising again, creating an inefficient and never-ending cycle.

Introducing Dynamic Pricing

We developed Dynamic Pricing in response to these challenges. We’ve created a system that seamlessly integrates product feeds from connected suppliers directly with the Default Repair list for each model in our database.

This system refreshes every 15 minutes, ensuring that your website consistently displays the most current prices for each part. The primary task left to you is setting the desired profit margin.

Simplifying Margin Management

But what about adjusting margins for each model? Dynamic Pricing simplifies this too. You can set margins through Default Repairs – a standard list applied to all models, allowing for uniform margin setting across multiple models. Individual model adjustments can be made where necessary.

Did you know?

Most users of Dynamic Pricing have about 90% of all prices live during the onboarding process, which typically lasts about an hour.

Connected Suppliers

Mobileparts: 531 models and 1.983 parts connected
Ships to all destinations across Europe

Foneday: 769 models and 6.469 parts connected
Ships to all destinations across Europe

Fixje: 137 models and 2.296 parts connected
Delivers to the Netherlands and Belgium

Directscherm: 141 models and 788 parts connected
Ships to all destinations across Europe

Touchfix: 761 models and 9.013 parts connected
Ships to all destinations across Europe

Euro Mobile Company: 685 models and 7.187 parts connected
Ships to all destinations across Europe


Dynamic Pricing is more than a feature – it represents a significant leap forward in the repair industry. It gives you the power to maintain current pricing, reflecting real-time market changes without the intensive manual effort previously required.

This results in enhanced transparency, building customer trust, and potentially boosting conversion rates. By concentrating on their own business costs and margins, repair shops are now well-equipped to offer competitive and fair prices, staying ahead in an ever-evolving market.

Written by Stefan Hekman
Head of Customer Success
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